Nagano Madarao mountain onsen

Nige & June have a great experience in a Nagano snowy mountain onsen. Nagano is full of excellent onsens (natural Japanese hot spring pools) and a lovely way to relax in the snow.



We arrived ‘Madarao Onsen’. It’s near Madarao ski park too.


The outside bath was outstanding! And there was also a sauna along with an indoor pool. Pity we could not take photos there as other few naked people in there. The photos are from their website.




DCF 1.0

Though that did not stop one Dad, who made his son stand naked with the snow in the background while taking photo’s from his phone.

Normally tattoo’s are not allowed in the Onsen’s because of the affiliation with Japanese gangs such as Yakuza, but Nige spotted one guy with his back covered in tattoos and noted that no one seemed to bothered by this. June’s thoughts were that this guy could possibly be a junior member of a gang.

Finished the day with Ramen dinner with June’s mother and her friends at June’s mother regular restaurant bar.



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