Hakodate Asa-ichi for breakfast

We go to Hakodate Asa-ichi for breakfast. It’s a large outdoor fish market in the centre of Hakodate and very popular for locals and tourists alike.

The market consists of many seafood stalls and restaurants.
Everything looked fresh and and there were also live crabs and fish.
The market was lively with shop owners and staff were touting for the passers by.

We finally entered one of the seafood rice bowl restaurant’s which looked very appealing and offered a good price too. You could choose from 5 kinds of seafood on top of the rice. The price was around 1500 yen which we thought was quite reasonable for what you got. The Seafood was fresh and delicious! Although the salmon was frozen when it was served, we defrosted the salmon putting them under the warm rice then it successfully defrosted ok.

Just walking around and looking at the various seafood and fish stalls and restaurants was an enjoyable experience and fun to do.

Then it was time to make the long journey to Akita back not the main island of Honshu.

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