Thunderbird express to Kanazawa

We decided to take the Thunderbird express to Kanazawa from Kyoto It was long way but comfortable and enjoyable.

Thunderbird Express

Catching Thunderbird Express from Kyoto to Kanazawa

The train station at Kanazawa was nice and modern and had recently added a Shinkansen line (Bullet train).

Kanazawa train station

Arriving at the nice modern train station of Kanazawa

Unfortunately it was raining in Kanazawa which limited our opportunities to have a look around.

Kanazawa City

Exploring Kanazawa in the rain

The hotel was a bit larger and more comfortable than your average business style hotel.

We decided on choosing a Yakiniku restaurant close by because of the weather.

The Yakiniku restaurant offered all you can eat course (tabehoudai). We decided on the 1980 yen course and it was with the price!
Beer was also reasonable price and Nige decided on the trying a dai nama for his second beer and showed the difference in size between a chou nama (medium beer) and dai nama (large beer).

Kanazawa Yakiniku

Having all you can eat barbecue (tabehoudai) and drinking chu & dai nama. (medium & large beer)

Small streets in Kanazawa were are authentic Edo style and are very beautiful to walk around.

We made a note to visit Kanazawa again to spend more time to proper explore and experience what Kanazawa has to offer.

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