Visiting Nara buddha

We spent some time visiting Nara buddha (Todai-ji Daibutsuden) and enjoyed watching the deer in Nara park.

We then moved from Osaka to Nara. Unfortunately due to the heavy rain we had to cut short our trip in Nara.

Firstly we went to Nara koen, or Nara park where lots of deer were just hanging around waiting to be feed. Be careful when handing rice crackers, deer have been known to aggressively harass . (You can buy rice crackers for deers at the park, you cannot feed them anything else.) In fact the rice cracker vendors will react vocally if you attempt to feed the deer with anything other than what is bought from the vendors themselves.

Nara Temple Gates

Passing through the gates to get to Nara Temple.

Then we went visiting Nara Buddha, Todai-ji Daibutsuden (Todai temple Buddha house). It is a famous huge buddha. You can walk around the Buddhas. There’s one big buddha & other 2 smaller buddhas.

nara_temple nara_buddha02

Nara Buddha

Visiting the famous Buddha of Nara, Japan

The Nara koen park is huge, you can walk around and see other temples or shrines if the weather is good.

Nara is an extremely popular tourist spot even when the weather is bad there will always be a large volume of tourists.

Nara is well accessible from either Osaka or Kyoto.

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