Hakata food stalls

Nige & June visit Kintai bridge in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture then head via shinkansen to the Hakata food stalls.

We left Miyajima Island, then headed to Kintai-kyo or Kintai bridge in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture. It’s an unique historical bridge. The bridge is currently the 8th bridge since the first was originally built.
It’s an amazing bridge to view and well worth the trip.

Kintai bridge buse

Bus from Iwakuni station to Kintai bridge.

Kintai bridge 8th version

The eighth time Kintai bridge has been rebuilt

After Kintai-kyo, we took Shinkansen to Hakata, Fukuoka prefecture. By now we were starting to realise the benefits of travelling via Shinkansen. Not just the speed and time saved but things like the extra room and comfort and also the smoothness and quietness of the ride.

Hakata at night

Nice reflections by the river at Hakata

Hakata is known for it’s night food stalls. We explored a couple of them. The food was really yummy! Hakata Ramen (Tonkotsu flavor, also called Nagahama Ramen) was so delicious. Also had Yakitori, Oden, Gyoza, Japanese style of spicy vegetable (Takana) fried rice etc. The price was reasonable too.

Hakata food stall

A typical night food stall in Hakata.

We really enjoyed the Hakata food market night.

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