Hiroshima Dome plus Miyajima

Nige & June visit the Hiroshima dome plus Miyajima island. Hiroshima dome is a place to pay your respect for the destruction the city suffered. Miyajima island is a wonderful place to admire and enjoy Japanese culture at its best.

After we spent the night at internet cafe in Hiroshima, we headed to the atomic bomb dome. We felt really sad of what happened and it’s history.

Unfortunately dome was under investigation process, you can’t see it properly with the construction scaffolding covering it.

Hiroshima Dome

Hiroshima Dome covered in scaffolding while it is being inspected

We then caught a train to Miyajimaguchi (30 min journey) and then took a ferry to the island.

The ferry took about 10 mins and we had great views of the big Torii gate. After arriving, a few deers welcomed us.

Torii Gate

Torii gate welcomes visitors to Miyajima island, Japan.

Miyajima Island Pagoda

Beautiful pagoda & bridge on Miyajima island, Japan.

There is a lovely small town on the island along with the famous Itsukushima shrine. We wished we had more time to spend there, and made a note to visit again.

miyajima town

Local shops in Miyajima island, Japan.

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