Tokyo famous hot spicy Ramen

Nige & June try out the Tokyo famous hot spicy ramen restaurant (Mouko Taxmen) in Ikibukuro. This is a delicious affordable ramen and you can select your level of spicyness.

You can select your level of spiciness from zero which is non spicy to 10 for those of a cast iron constitution.


It’s not so spicy if you choose like level 3 or 5. Higher level like 8 or 9 is recommended if you like hot spicy.


English menu is available.


Once entered, you have to buy ticket at the machine.


There were no tables, all counter.

Mouko Tanmen is a great choice for those who like spicy ramen, the staff are friendly and vocal and the ramen comes in a generous serving.


Category: Food, Japan, Youtube

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