Japan Natto Breakfast

June describes the Japan ‘Natto’ breakfast. Natto is fermented soya beans and is mixed with tare sauce and mustard, then mixed with a raw egg and then applied over a bowl of rice.

It’s not so popular with foreigners mainly because of the sticky texture and raw egg, but once you get over that you will find natto to be a healthy tasty light delicious alternative for breakfast.


Eating Natto with raw egg for breakfast, pretty common as Japanese breakfast.


Our niece was practicing ‘Kendama’ traditional Japanese toy for her after-school’s event on the day.


Joined my niece’s after-school event. She was going to do her Kendama presentation here.


Boys’ were presenting hula-foop dance.


Our niece was presenting Kendama show. They were all well done!


We came home and Nige started cooking for dinner. He was cooking chilli con carne. You don’t really see it in Japan either restaurant or home cooking.


Chili con carne must have been interesting meal for the family though, they seemed they enjoyed Nige’s meal. Happy cooking, happy dinner!



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