Japan Sushi Train (Uobei)

Nige & June visit the Uobei sushi restaurant chain which uses a Japan sushi train (Shinkansen) to deliver the food. The restaurant we went this time is ‘Uobei’ (魚べい).

>>>‘Uobei’ in Shibuya Tokyo (Map)

>>>Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka (Trip Advisor)

There is a good selection of nigiri, gunkan, maki (footman & hosomaki) amongst the types of sushi.


All the standard trays are 100 Yen.


The Sushi is not on the belt, you can order fresh ones. Using this boards to order.


Sushis are carried by ‘Shinkansen’ train.


The sushi is fresh and tender which would help account for the long queues to be found at the restaurants in the evenings.


You can also make the payment using the board.


Nige & June gave it the thumbs up, why don’t you do too?

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