Walking across Rainbow bridge

We went Walking across Rainbow bridge. Rainbow bridge can be walked both sides and is normally 30 to 40 mins to walk across from Tokyo to Odaiba or vice versa.


Superb view from the Rainbow Bridge


Starting the walking tour on the Rainbow Bridge. You can take Yurikakome line from Shiodome station near Shimbashi station.


Getting off the ‘Shibaura-Futo’ (Shibaura peer) Station on Yurikamome line, a map was there


Normally people catch train to cross over the rainbow bridge though we took the opportunity to walk across the bridge. It takes about 30-40 mins to walk. You can see great views of Tokyo metro and Tokyo bay, as well as good excuse to get some excercise :)


Looking up the Rainbow Bridge


Tokyo Bay view from the Rainbow Bridge


Took the photo of ourselves in the centre point of the bridge


View of the bridge and the Tokyo town

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