Seto bridge to Kochi

We travel on the Seto bridge to Kochi, Shikoku, Japan and also visit the famous bridge, harimaya-bashi and visit the local food markets.

We left Kyushu and moved to Okayama, where the express train ‘Nanpu’ departs to Kochi. The train crossed over the Seto bridge, which used to be the longest bridge in the world. The view of the Seto strait from the train is awesome from both sides.

There is an attractive looking tram right in front of the train station.

Kochi tram

Tram is directly in front of Kochi’s train station, Shikoku, Japan.

In Kochi, we saw famous bridge ‘Harimaya-bashi’ (-bashi means bridge, or the word is not connected, you can say ‘hashi’). The bridge is tiny one but pretty.


Harimaya- bashi

The famous bridge in Kochi, Shikoku, Japan.

Kochi Shoutengai

The local shopping district in Kochi.

Then we went to the food market popular with both locals and tourists. It is called ‘Hirome Ichiba’ (Ichiba means Market).


Kochi’s famous authentic local food stalls.

The food there was delicious. What we choose were Katsuo-no-Tataki (Half cooked Bonito), Nankotsu-no-Karaage (Fried chicken cartridge), Gyoza (Fried Dumpling) and Gyu-Suji-Nikomi (Beef tendon stew).

japan_rail_8_kochi-4 japan_rail_8_kochi-5 japan_rail_8_kochi-6

Hirome Ichiba Food

Food from Kochi’s famous authentic food court, Hirome Ichiba, Shikoku, Japan.

Had fun Kochu night.

Breakfast next day served by hotel was only 100 yen but quite good.

Unfortunately the weather had not been so good but we still had a very nice time in Kochi, Shikoku, Japan.

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