Kuala Lumpur food and caves

Nige and June were the first to breakfast at 7am for there was a lot they wanted to do and see including sampling the Kuala Lumpur food and caves. They would be flying to Japan that evening. Even though it was 7am it was still pitch black for the sun had not yet risen.

The Metro hotel provided a full buffet breakfast that catered for a lot of nationalities and cultures including Muslim, Indian, Chinese and European.

After pigging out and having multiple servings they left to catch the mono-rail to Kuala Lumpur central from where they would make their way to Batu caves. They had to overcome several obstacles such as using the wrong ticket machines and running out of cash they finally managed to make it to the caves.

The caves were spectacular and they managed to climb the 270 steps comfortably. The were many monkeys around the steps who seemed comfortable to mingle with the tourists.

After generating a healthy appetite from the climb Nige & June took off to China town and found a nice local Chinese canteen for dim sum and siopao. Kuala Lumpur’s china town’s a good place to go for eating and shopping.
Nige & June were so impressed by the food they stopped off for a second early lunch of wanton & beef noodles.

After that they stopped off for a coffee at Starbucks and Nige spotted a couple of guys chasing a girl. She managed to make it into the Starbucks just and the two guys stopped then casually walked away. The poor girl was shaken up and told the staff what had happened.

Nige & June then caught the subway to Kuala Lumpur CC to see the Petronas Towers. They had a fine view from the park and June got to chance to bath her feet in a pool and drink warm water.

Time was then running out, for their late hotel checkout was for 6pm. June was so impressed by the roast pork that she wanted more so they ate at a local Chinese street restaurant.

After that they went straight to the airport and cofficed from a cafe for several hours before checking in at just before mid-night. At check-in they were warned they would have to pay penalties if their luggage was over 60 kgs. June’s luggage came to 31.1kgs but Nige saved the day with his luggage weighing at 28.9 kgs which came to 60.0 exactly.

Nige & June then gave a sleepy vlog goodbye at midnight just before catching their flight.

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